Group Members

IMG is an interdisciplinary group in Yale's Computer Science department. We are always looking for students passionate about advancing interactive computing technologies and robotics. For more information about joining our lab, see this page.


Marynel Vázquez
Principal Investigator

Graduate Students

Tim Adamson
CS PhD Student
(co-advised with B. Scassellati)

Nathan Tsoi
CS PhD Student

Sydney Thompson
CS PhD Student

Undergraduate Students

Joe Connolly
CS, '21

Eden Gorevoy
CS, '23

Malak Khan
CS + German Studies, '21

Sally Ma
CS, '21

Yofti Milkessa
Physics, '22

Ananya Parthasarathy
CS and Psych., '20

Isabella Teng
CS, '20

Allan Wu
CS and Math + English, '20


Graduate Students

Chenyu You (Lab rotation as part of BME PhD program, '19)
Jason Chen (CS M.S., '19)

Undergraduate Students

Annie Gao (CS, '21)
Simon Mendelsohn (CS and Psych., '20)
Jeacy Espinoza (EECS, '22)
William Hu (CS, '21)
Ileana Valdez (CS, '21)
Katharine Li (Art - Graphic Design, '21)
Antonio Cao (Physics & CS, '21)
Sarim Abbas (CS, '20)
Jared Weinstein (CS, '19 - now at Google)
Ngan Nvu (CS'19 - now at DeepMind)
Julia Lu (CS, '19)
Roland Huang (CS, '19 - now at Nuro)
Peter Zhou (CS, '19 - now cofounder of new startup)
Dibyatanoy Bhattacharjee (CS, '19)
Zen Tang (S&DS, '19 - now at Wayve)
Kendrick Umstattd (EE and CS, '19 - now at Google)
Devon Merlette (CS + Arts, '19)
Jack Wesson (CS + Arts, '19)

High-School Students

C. Burton Lyng-Olsen
Neha Govil (now undergraduate at MIT)