In collaboration with the Yale Social Robotics Laboratory, IMG built the VectorConnect app to allow two people to communicate remotely while one of them controls a remote Vector robot in the other person’s home. The application is now publicly available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The application was originally created to help children with social isolation. While adults (and teenagers) are accustomed to keeping in contact with friends and family using electronic means, elementary school-aged children typically interact with their peers through physical play. The VectorConnect app provides a new way for children to play remotely with peers and distant family through a commercial robot.

Big News: We have a limited number of vector robots that we are providing for free through the generous donation of Yale alumni. If you are a Connecticut-based family with a child age 5-12, please complete this form to indicate your interest in obtaining a robot for your household. Because of limited availability, note that we cannot guarantee that everybody who completes the form will receive a robot.

A Yale article recently published about this project can be found here. For more detailed information about the VectorConnect app, visit the Robots For Good website.