Three new IMG papers were recently accepted:

  • J. Connolly, V. Mocz*, N. Salomons*, J. Valdez, N. Tsoi, B. Scassellati, and M. Vázquez. Prompting Prosocial Human Interventions in Response to Robot Mistreatment. To appear in HRI 2020.

  • T. Adamson, C. B. Lyng-Olsen, K. Umstattd, M. Vázquez. Designing Social Interactions with a Humorous Robot Photographer. To appear in HRI 2020.

  • M. Swofford, J. Peruzzi, N. Tsoi, S. Thompson, R. Martín-Martín, S. Savarese, M. Vázquez. Improving Social Awareness Through DANTE: Deep Affinity Network for Clustering Conversational Interactants. To appear in the journal Proceedings of the ACM: Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI).

Congratulations to all authors and, especially, to the students that worked really hard to make this happen!

* Denotes equal contribution.